Online Advertising & Marketing


At Online Advertising Consultancy, we make advertising and marketing your business online very easy and cheap through Google Adwords. All we need is access to your website in order to analyse your web content and tailor make a campaign that is aligned to the correct keywords as communicated by your website. The market is very competitive as always, and our job is to make your website rank on a consistent basis at the lowest costs possible. Online Advertising Consultancy charges one the lowest monthly admin fees on the market


The business model at Online Advertising allows you the client to set up your own monthly budget starting from $200.00 per month. Everything depends on the size of your pocket and how much additional business you are prepared to handle. Google charges a click cost each time a potential client clicks into your website. The cost per click depends on a variety of things but is primarily driven by a quality score Google awards your website for each search phrase that is part of your website. At Online Advertising Consultancy, we make it part of our job to help clients achieve a good quality score in order to bring overall costs down.


Online Advertising Consultancy through its Google Adwords Campaigns allows small businesses to compete with big businesses at the same level on the first page of search results. By being visible online in a consistent prominent position, a company with a modest monthly budget and turnover can compete with large corporates. Such is the beauty of advertising and marketing your business online.


90% of the business done on Google comes from results on the first page of search phrases. By languishing on page three or ten of your key search phrase, your business is not going to generate much results online. Online Advertising promotes the use of Google Adwords campaigns as well as Search Engine Optimisation to bring not only instant but long term results.


At Online Advertising Consultancy we believe in management by statistics. We help businesses track and analyse the results by the hour, day, week, month as well as compiling year on year analysis of performance. Campaigns are fine tuned on an ongoing basis to increase the return on investment.


Enables you to advertise to people who have already visited your site before. As they continue to browse the web, your ad will appear for a defined period of time, ensuring you stay top of mind.

You will only pay when someone actually clicks on your advert. Remarketing is a great way of building brand awareness and ensuring your website is remembered by visitors.


Google AdWords reaches the vast majority of the world’s population. Likewise, by launching a Google AdWords campaign, you too can reach potential customers/clients globally.

Our PPC Management Process


Online Advertising AdWords Setup

  • keyword research and selection
  • selection and implementation of negative keywords, if appropriate
  • assistance with the creation of a new Google AdWords account
  • keywords are split into small, relevant groups
  • advert creation (two adverts per group to enable split-testing, also known as A/B testing

Online Advertising AdWords Management

  • advertisement changes in response to performance
  • addition and removal of keywords as appropriate
  • analysis of campaign using Analytics software
  • monthly reports

The team at Online Advertising has many years of experience with Adwords and can set up successful campaigns locally, nationally and globally. It all comes down to how big your dream is!