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Google continues to make  significant changes to  how Local Google Listings as well as  the search engine works overall. They changed the way search results are served when prospective clients search for your business’s services through Google.They have called this Google INSTANT as it  basically  takes away the need  to hit search when you are finished typing the search phrase you want. As you  are typing your search through the search engine,  Google will begin to serve you pre-determined  serving results based on popular previous searches. So how does this impact your business at a Local Google Listings level?

Because the tendency for consumers using Google Instant will be to continue adding to their search phrase they might not go past the first page of results. Google instant makes it even MORE important to optimize your website for SEO because LESS consumers will go past page one or two. In fact research shows 73% of consumers click on one of the first 4 listings in the search result.

The second big change Google has made is  was rebuilding what was known as “Google Local”. It has been relaunched as Google Places and with significant enhancements in the way the Google Map is delivered has made it even more critical to not only claim your “Places” listing but to further optimize it based on best practices. Much of this optimization work required isn’t even done on Google itself, it’s important to show Google that you are committed to you places listing & that Google can confirm what you told them when you claimed your listing is true. Google confirms this by checking other directories & websites they trust to make sure the information is accurate. Adding monthly specials, videos linked to You Tube & telling other directories about your business are key to being ranked in the first 7 listings on Google Places.

Instead of spending months trying to figure out how to do this works yourself, Online Advertising Consultancy will optimize your business’s Local Google Listings for FREE as long as you are an on-going client of ours for Managed Google Adwords. This leaves with plenty of time to  concentrate on what’s most important, selling your products & services.

At one time the local phone directory book was your local customer’s only source of business information.  When this was the case, this service worked well and was big with expensive ads placed in big hard copy directories which were distributed in people’s homes. Google Local Listings is now the new version main difference being that everything now happens online. For today’s mobile, tech-savvy consumer, the updated-once-per-year-stuck-in-a-drawer phone directory is almost extinct, to all but a small percentage of the population.

The online platform has become the phone directory of today, and for  the future.  it is your business’ conduit to new local clients as well as effective client retention.


Local Google Listings & Consumer Behavior

The fact is that most consumers want to deal with someone local and if you position your business properly through an effective, localized search engine optimization strategy, consumers will buy your product or service. Your business will be easily found on Local Google Listings in your target area.

Today’s consumer is technologically savvy enough to know that their best source of information on products or services they need now, or in the future, is the internet.

This is exactly the reason why you need a website; but simply having a website among the other 26+ billion indexable web pages on the internet is not enough.

Knowing the proper internet search behaviour your prospective customers will use via various search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc) & social media outlets, is the key ingredient in determining how successful your on-line presence will be – and ultimately how much interest or money your business can generate.

Another key piece of consumer behavior to note is that “easy is best”.

When searching on-line, consumers want the most accurate information, as easy and as quickly as possible. That is why 91% of people never go beyond page one of their search results. Of those 91%, 65% of those never look past the top 3 search listings.

Are you missing out on business? Probably.

Not only do consumers primarily look at the top 3-5 results, if they don’t see what they’re looking for initially, or what they are provided isn’t easily decipherable, they input different search criteria. Your website needs to have the proper content keyword research done to ensure that your site can be found with a wide range of queries so as to maximize your on-line effectiveness. Online Advertising Consultancy optimizes your Local Google Listings effortlessly for maximum results!


Local Google Listings Search Optimization Strategy


In a lot of cases, your strongest competition comes from similar businesses near to you. If they are doing something in regards to local search engine optimization, and you are doing nothing, they will be light-years ahead of you in on-line results.

Online Advertising Consultancy will  put together a customized strategy that fits your  consumer base and competitive landscape of your local marketplace. Since people want to use the products and services closest to them, these consumers are generally going to be your best bet for driving results as quickly as possible. Local Google Listings is the way to go.

Our local SEO strategy will help your business rank as high as possible on various search engines through proper Search Engine Optimization, with a local focus. We use a proven, up-to-date approach to ensure that your site easily engages local consumers in order to lead you past your competition and get the interest or sales you deserve.

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